Q. How is it legal to play poker in Texas in a venue such as this?

A. Texas has deemed poker a game more of skill rather than luck, and as long as an establishment does not profit from a poker game directly, (i.e. taking a rake or commission from any game) then it is legal to play.  

Q.  Is it safe to play at your place?

A.  Absolutely!!  Not only do we have 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring, we also provide a professional and armed security staff that will escort all of our players from the tables, to the cash cage and even to their vehicles.  We also have well lit parking in a private, gated area for added security. 

Q.  How do FREEROLLS work?

A.  Our freeroll tournaments require NO buy-in.  If you happen to bust out before the end of the second break, we do allow re-buys and add-ons for usually a small re-buy fee that gets added to the prize pool.