Membership Requirements 

Must be 21 or older with a valid photo I.D.

*ATX Monte Carlo PSC is private members only poker social club establishment.

*Members must have an active membership and in be in good standing.

*ATX Monte Carlo PSC has no economic benefit or participation in any gambling, gambling fees, rake and Commission, etc. Players are not allowed to use their chips to tip dealer.

Membership can be revoked or suspended without prior notice. Our club is rake and tip free. There is no house advantage.

Daily Membership              $10.00
Monthly Membership       $30.00
Annual Membership          $200.00



*Check-in with Membership at arrival.

*Club Access fees are to be current at all time and required to participate in all cash and tournament games

*Members failing to check out upon leaving will be charged the entirety of the remainder of the Club operating hours for the day.

*Any unpaid balance must be paid/cleared before checking in for new session.