ATX Monte Carlo PSC is a private, membership-based, upscale poker social club which offers a fun and safe environment where members can enjoy poker at its finest.


Memberships are available on daily, monthly or annual basis.  Members in good standing have use of the all Club facilities including the main room and the private card rooms.   Membership dues must be current at all times for members to use the Club facilities.

  • Dues and Fees
    • Memberships
      • Daily membership $10,
      • Monthly membership $30
      • Annual membership $300
    • Hourly fees
      • Cash Games – $10 per hour
      • Tournaments – Flat fee depending on tournament (will be posted in advance)
    • Dues and fees are due and payable at the close of each session when a Member checks out. Members failing to check out when leaving will be charged the entirety of the remainder of the Club operating hours for that day.  Unpaid balances must be resolved before a Member can check in for a new session.
    • Members must be at least 21 years of age
    • The Club reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership at any time for any reason.

Food and Drink

 Members are welcome to complementary coffee, soft drinks and water during their stay.  ATX Monte Carlo does not serve alcohol but members are welcome to BYOB.   The Club reserves the right to remove or deny admittance to intoxicated persons. 

Members are welcome to have food delivered at their own expense.


 At least one Security guard will be on site at all times.  ATX Monte Carlo is monitored 24/7 by security cameras both inside and out.  All table games are under camera surveillance. 

Table Rules  

All games will follow the rules and guidelines of the Tournament Directors Association (TDA) and local Club rules.  Decisions made by the floor person will be in the best spirit of the game and are final.

  • English only at the tables at all times
  • No electronic devices, phones or tablets on the table. If a player receives a phone call, he/she should leave the table to take the call. Texting is permitted when a player does not have cards and does not hold up the game.

General Rules

  • No Smoking or tobacco products allowed inside the club to include electronic cigarettes. A secure smoking area is provided next to the Club for those wishing to light up.
  • No abusive language or actions toward another member, staff or Club management will be tolerated.
  • No illegal drugs allowed anywhere on the Club property.
  • ATX Monte Carlo does not permit firearms or any other weapons on the premises or in the Club. The Club posts Texas Penal Code Compliance 30.06 and 30.07 signs prohibiting the carry of concealed and/or open carry firearms.
  • Staff members are allowed to play in any game or tournament offered at ATX Monte Carlo.
  • Dealers are NOT allowed to accept tips or gifts from any Club Member.

Facility Rental

 The ATX Monte Carlo Club is available for private parties or functions.  Please contact Club Management for details.